Not Your Ordinary Live Music

Live Function Bands With A Difference

alternative function bands

When going out with intention of listening to some live music and enjoying yourself, why not try something different to your average three piece band? opening your mind to different musical set ups can be an eye opener for you, finding the more unusual function bands, like Wedding Band West Midlands, can be an exciting experience when you experiment with your musical boundaries.  From jazz flavoured influences, to funk and soul, through to classical tinged rock. You will find that something different that excites your senses and gets you moving if you look around for any artists or groups that are performing near to you.

Instruments Ranging From Violins To Saxophones

You will find that listening to live music with the added use of instruments you would not normally associate with a normal band can add a certain flair to the piece, even improving upon the sound overall can be heard if you let it. Violins can add a vastly classical experience to the music, adding a new dimension to the songs you have heard before, revealing that song in a sound you have never heard it in before. Using a saxophone can add a jazz type influence that will have you tapping your feet all night long.

A Harp? Really?

You will be surprised how beautiful a song sounds when a harp or harps are used, the angelic sounds can add layers to one of your favourite tunes, offering a new way of listening to that song you would never have believed was achievable. Just by looking into local bands with a difference, you can find a whole new way of listening to the current songs to the classics when the band introduce an instrument that is not normally associated with the song, this can only be good thing surely.